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Thought of the week
There is nothing impossible. The word in itself says that ‘I’ ‘M’ ‘POSSIBLE’. When there is will there is a way. So be positive and keep trying to achieve your targets……If you sincerely try for it certainly you will achieve it.

Ye Bhi Khoob Kahi...
Ghantu walks in a bar, and buys a huge beer. Then he sees someone he knows, and decides to go and say hi to them, but he does not want to take his beer mug with him. So he sets it on a table, along with a note "I spit in this beer" hoping that none will steal it then. Upon return, he sees another note saying "Me too!"
Friends Last Words
Ghantu visits Chinese friend dying in a hospital. Man says CHIN YU YAN and dies.Ghantu  went to china to find the meaning of friends last words. It was 'You are standing on the oxygen tube'!

Wallpaper of the week
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Have a Nice Day
Ghantu Saved Money
One day in the evening Ghantu came back from his office and called her wife Preeto. O A Preeto today I have saved Rs 2.00…..oh I am so happy. Preeto asked how. Ghantu said today right from my office I ran behind a bus upto my home. If I have taken that bus I was supposed to pay Rs 2.00 as ticket charges. That is how I saved the money….am I intelligent. Gurrrrrr……Preeto, Ghantu's wife shouted at him and slapped him right on his face you are a big fool why you ran behind a bus, if you have followed a taxi you would have saved at least Rs.50.
Who quits
Every afternoon Ghantu goes into the bar and orders four shots of scotch whisky at the same time, then proceeds to drink them all. One day the bartender asks him why he orders all four at once and Ghantu replies that he has 3 brothers who do the same thing every day at the same time so that they can all have a drink together no matter where they are. One day Ghantu comes in and only orders 3 shots. Well the bartender thinking the worst asks the guy if one of his brothers had passed away. Ghantu laughs and says "No it`s me, I quit drinking."
Military precision
Some ladies, who were determined to put an end to drinking in their colony, went to the house of a retired Army Officer one evening. "When did you last have a drink?" they asked "1945" replied the officer. "That is very good!" remarked the ladies very happily. "So you are a teetotaler now?""I would'nt call it exactly that," replied the officer, looking at his watch. "You see it is only 2015 now."
It was the morning after, and Ghantu sat groaning and holding his head. "Well, if you hadn`t drunk so much last night you wouldn`t feel so bad now," the wife said tartly. "My drinking had nothing to do with it," he answered. "I went to bed feeling wonderful and woke up feeling awful. It was the sleep that did it!"

Lets start
A drunk was hauled into court. "Mister," the judge began, "You ve been brought here for drinking." "Great," the drunk exclaimed." When do we get started?"
March 2nd  2008

The act of unlocking
A customer arrived at an automobile dealership to pick up their car, They were told that the keys had been accidentally locked in it. He went to the service department and found a mechanic, Mr Ghantu working feverishly to unlock the driver`s side door. As the customer watched from the passenger`s side, he instinctively tried the door handle and discovered it was open. "Hey," he announced to the technician, "It`s open!" "I know," answered Ghantu - "I already got that side."

Dead or alive
Once Ghantu, the psychiatrist, met a friend and exclaimed, "I heard you are dead." But you see I'm alive, smiled the friend. Impossible, said Ghantu. The man who told me is much more reliable than you.

The Ghantu Doctor to his patient
"It's very important that you take this medicine exactly 30 minutes before you feel the pain."

Double trouble
There were these two Ghantu and Bhantu, the twins, who looked so incredibly alike, that sometimes they borrowed money from each other without the other really knowing about it.

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