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Ye Bhi Khoob Kahi...

Big Item

Ghantu to his friend - I want to gift something to my girlfriend. Friend -give her a gold ring. Ghantu - No man tel me some big thing. Friend - OK then give her a MRF truck Tyre.


Ghantu traveling in a plane going to Bombay. While plane was landing he shouted bombay... bombay..., air hostes said 'be silent. Ghantu said ok ok and shouted "ombay ombay".

Friend is kissing

A man to Ghantu: Your friend is kissing your wife in your home. Ghantu rushes home and came back within half an hour and slapped the man and said: “He’s not my friend.”

Don”t use Mobile Here,

Ghantu goes to a Petrol Pump sees a board Don”t use Mobile Here,  He Picks his Mobile Phone and  Calls everyone from his phone and says DON”T CALL ME NOW.

Titanic was sinking.

When Titanic ship was sinking. An englishman asked Ghantu, “How far is land”? Ghantu said 2 KMs. Englishman jumped into sea. Englishman: Now, which direction (left or right)? Ghantu: Downwards!

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Thought of the week…
It is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves.
- William Shakespeare

Have A Nice Day

Ghantu was a business graduate, and had been out of school for several years. He had established a furniture store and was doing quite well. He decided to expand the lines he carried by adding some expensive French furniture he knew no one else in town carried. He scheduled a buying trip to France.

Ghantu first day in Paris was very successful and he found a number of pieces he thought he could profitably sell back home. After the arrangements were made to begin shipping this furniture home, he decided to celebrate with a glass of wine in a small sidewalk cafe.

The place was jammed, but he managed to find an empty table. Just about the time his wine arrived, a beautiful girl came by and motioned to the empty chair at his table with a questioning look on her face. He assumed she wanted to sit with him and nodded his head "yes." The girl sat down with him.

The girl tried to talk to him, but, alas, he understood not one word of French. He tried to talk to her, but, alas, she understood not one word of Hindi.

He had an idea. He took a napkin and drew a wine glass and a question mark. She nodded her head "yes." They sat quietly enjoying their wine. When it was just about finished, Ghantu realized it was nearly time for dinner. He took another napkin and drew a picture of two people at a table eating dinner. She nodded her head "yes" and took him by the hand. She led him down the street to a very nice restaurant. They went in. The girl spoke with the head waiter and they were seated in a quiet corner where they could hear the band playing and see the dance floor.

Ghantu could not read the menu since it was in French, so he allowed the girl to order for him. The food was excellent and the couple thoroughly enjoyed it. After dinner, Ghantu took a napkin and drew a picture of a couple dancing. She nodded her head "yes" and they danced to every song the band played, whether fast or slow. When the band quit playing and began to pack away their instruments,the couple returned to their table.

The girl took a napkin and reached for Ghantus pen. He handed it to her and she drew a picture of a four leged bed..........!

Ghantu is still wondering to this day how she knew he was in the furniture business.

What for you are looking in it?

Ghantu was looking at his marriage certificate from very close for 1 hour . His Wife: "What for you are looking in it?"

Ghantu:"Oh I am looking for Expiry date.

Ghantu’s English

Ghantu finished his English exam and came out of the hall. His friends asked him how did he do his exam, to which he replied "Exam was okay, but for the past tense of THINK, I really thought, thought, thought hard and at last wrote - THUNK "

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Afraid of water

Ghantu (to his friend): my wife is afraid of water.
Friend: how can u say that?
Ghantu: yesterday when i reached my home i found her in the bath tub with our security guard.......

When Ghantu met with an Accident...

Ghantu and Bhantu driving on a street,in different directions. Out of some unfortunate mishap, the cars slammed into each other, head-on. They were able to get out of their cars without any serious injury, but the cars were totaled.

Before Ghantu could say anything, Bhantu said, "Instead of fighting over whose fault it was, why don`t we just celebrate that we were able to come out alive?" Ghantu said, "Yeah, good idea!"  "I have a bottle of whisky in the trunk, why don`t I pull that out?",suggested Bhantu. He went around, and luckily the bottle was not damaged in the accident.

He gave it to Ghantu and said, "Here, drink some!"
Ghantu took the bottle and chugged half of it down. Then he wiped his mouth and handed the bottle over to Bhantu. "Here, you have some!" Bhantu passed it back and said, "No, I think I`ll wait until the police get here."

Bus Tickets

Ghantu bought two tickets to Connaught Place from Tilak Nagar in a DTC bus in Delhi. The conductor was a bit surprised as he could not see anyone with Ghantu.
Conductor: "Oye man! Why do you need two tickets? You are travelling alone?"
Ghantu: "Dont you know.. pick-pocketing is common on buses... so I will keep one ticket in my shirts left pocket and the other in my right! So even if a pickpocket gets at one of my pockets, I will still have a ticket and will not travel without ticket!"
Conductor: "What if a pickpocket gets both your pockets?" Ghantu takes out his wallet from his pant pocket: "I have a monthly pass also!"

Conductor: "And if someone gets your pant pockets also.. then what.. then you will be fined for travelling without ticket!!"
Ghantu puts his hand inside his shirt and displays his ID card (hanging with a chain around his neck) and says with a cunning smile: "Than when this DTC staff card will be used".

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