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Ye Bhi Khoob Kahi...
Beautiful and Sweet

Preeto: yesterday I saw a very beautiful and sweet girl. Ghantu:Then what happened? Preeto: I just kept on admiring her, on and on.. Ghantu (gets irritated): What happened then? Preeto smiled and said: Then I moved away from the mirror.

Have A Nice Day
Thought of the week
"Every day is a new day to begin, learn from mistakes and try to do work without mistakes".
Ghantu aur Sadhu ( In Hindi)
Ghantu Sharab Pikar Sadhu Se Takra Gya. Sadhu Gusse me bola aye Murkh may Tuje abhi SHRAAP Deta Hun. Ghantu bola Rukiye Maharaj  may abhi Glass lekar aata hoon.

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in the bathroom

Preeto to Ghantu: Please put curtains in the bathroom as our new neighbor tries to peep in when I takes shower.

Ghantu let him see you once after that for sure he will put curtains in his own room.
Bhantu The Servant
Ghantu went to kashmir officially and called to his house over phone.
Bhantu had taken the receiver.
Ghantu: Who is speaking?
Bhantu: Servant Sir.
Ghantu: Where is the Madam?
Bhantu: She is sleeping with her husband in bedroom.
Ghantu: What? I am her husband came to kashmir today.
Bhantu: What can I do now sir?
Ghantu: Open the cub board, pick the Gun, shoot both of them, come back and tell me, Till then I am waiting in the line. After some time ... there comes two shooting sounds ... after that ...
Bhantu: Yes, I did Sir. But what can i do next Sir?
Ghantu: Open the back door, throw both the bodies into the well.
Bhantu: I can open the back door, but how can i throw both of them from this third floor into the well in the ground floor Sir?
Ghantu: What...? Are you in the third floor?
Bhantu: Yes Sir
Ghantu Sorry, sorry it's a wrong number !!!!!!!!

Ghantu Bets
Seeing Ghantu depressed one of his friends asks him. "oye why r u sad?". Ghantu replies ..."I lost Rs.300 in a bet." . His friend ask hims..."how?" Ghantu said."I bet on Indian cricket team for Rs 200 but unfortunately India cricket team lost". Listning to this his friend queries.."but you said you lost Rs.300 then howcome" Ghantu answered."I again bet for indian cricket team for Rs. 100 in the HIGHLIGHTS of the cricket match"

Ghantu and Thief
Ghantu saw a man Stealing a Purse. Theif said to Ghantu there Is Rs.1000 in the Purse. We can take 50-50. Ghantu said OK.. OK ...but what we will do with remaining 900..!

Ghantu and His Donkey

Having lost his donkey Ghantu, got down to his knees and started thanking God. A passerby saw him and asked, "Your donkey is missing; what are you thanking God for ?" Ghantu replied "I am thanking Him for seeing to it that I was'nt riding the donkey at that time, otherwise I would have been missing too."
The Dead Bird
Ghantu and his wife were walking outside when wife said, "Oh look at the dead bird!!!". Ghantu looked towards sky and said, "where, where"?

Ghantu Writes a Mail To Bill Gates
Ghantu wrote a E-mail to BILL GATES about computer's and WINDOWS problems; My Child already learned about MS WORD now he wants to learn about MS SENTENCE please arrange to provide the same. On my computer I only find RE-CYCLE, but No RE-SCOOTER I need It badly, as I have Vespa Scooter. I see MS OFFICE but I need MS HOME, as I use PC at Home. Finaly, How's that your name Is GATES but you are selling WINDOWS.

Twin Sister
Girl : Have you seen my identical twin sister any where? Ghantu : Not at all. How does she look like ... !!!

Ghantu in Police Station
Ghantu while passing close to a police station saw a notice “Wanted for Rape and Murder”.
In excitement he jumped into the police station and said to a cop ‘I want to apply for this job’.

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