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 Ye Bhi Khoob Kahi...
Ganguva le aayeva mobilva, mohalla ka har nukkar pe ye shor ba Ganguva le aayeva mobilva, kabhi Kalloo to kabhi Madho dhubya se batiyavat rahen…..Haloo Haloo karke etravat rahen. Gangva ke joru matha peet peet chilavat rahen, E gangva kamva nahi karat to kya ham khavat rahen. Kapra ka lag gaya dheer va….E Ganggva le aayeva mobilva. Gangu ki joru ab pagla gayen keh rahen ham javat apna maika tum sambahlo apna chowka. E sala Ganguva le aayeva mobilva.
  Boathouse at Dawn, Fiji
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Do not speak out those words for others, which you don’t like for yourself.
Ghantu - The Genius
Late Realization........

Ghantu and Bhantu were attending a party on the terrace of  the 20th  floor of a big building. Suddenly some body shouted Bhantu your daughter has jumped from the terrace. Listening to this he jumped from the terrace. When he reached 15th floor he said to himself that I do not have a daughter. In the mean time he reached upto 11th floor, then he realised that he is still unmarried by the time he further reached upto 5th floor. Now he recalled O A I am not even Bhantu I am Ghantu ……….BAANG….it’s too late to realise that I am Ghantu .
Ghantu  - the brave man.....
Ghantu with lot of difficulty managed to enter into the train, which was very crowded. One of the passengers said really you are a brave man you managed to catch the train. Ghantu : what brave I came to send off one of my friend who is left on the plate form.

No Problem....
Once Ghantu was visiting a museum in Germany. The guide was explaining various items kept in the museum to Ghantu. Ghantu saw one chair kept in the corner of the hall he went to it and sit on it. Guide : Sir you can not sit on that chair this is Albert Einstein’s chair. Ghantu : no problem I will leave this chair when he will come.

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Those who help themselves god also help them. There is no shortcut for success, so keep doing hard work.
Beggar: Madam please give me some cake. Madam: what if I’ll give you some thing else to eat. Beggar: no madam I need a cake only as today is my Happy birthday.
Which is More - Desire for love or desire for food?
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One-day teacher was explaining in the class that desire for love is more powerful then desire for food. To demonstrate this teacher performed an experiment. He brought a mouse kept in a wooden box, and told students that for last 2 days the mouse was not allowed to eat anything. Then he kept few grains of wheat on the table on one side and a female mouse on the other side of the table. The box was opened and the mouse came out and rushed to eat the wheat grains. The teacher was upset again he kept the mouse in the box and replaced the wheat grains with maize. Again the experiment was repeated this time also the mouse went towards the maize grains. The teacher replaced the food grains many times and repeated the experiment but every time the mouse went towards the food grains only. Watching all this silently, one student came close to the teacher and said Sir you are not performing this experiment correctly you have replaced the food grains every time but you have not replaced the female mouse…..replace it once and then see.